The Sea

The Sea

Artist: The Sea

Single: Shake Shake

Label: Lusty Records


Rating: 4/5

The Sea are back with their second single Shake Shake off their fantastic new album Rooftops, which has been one of my fave albums of the year so far.

Shake Shake couldn’t be more different from their last single New York as it is a much heavier indie-rock track that shows off the versatility of Alex and Peter D’Chisholme.

The guitars thunder out from the opening note as the indie rock sound is mixed with a bit of Blues to make this an incredibly infectious track.

There is a great melody that flows throughout the song and Peter and Alex are both on top form vocally while there is a great guitar solo in the middle of the track.

‘I want to tell you something, my head and heart is thumping’ the boys sing out in the opening line and your will be too by the end of this song as Shake Shake shows The Sea at their most infectious.

What is so great about this track is there is a real energy to it, pair that with a catchy chorus and you have you have a song that is irresistibly fun.

The Sea have been on fire so far this year with the release of single New York and album Rooftops and that has continued with this new release.

The Sea - Shake Shake it out now

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