The Stowaways - Time For Change

The Stowaways - Time For Change

Artist: The Stowaways

Single: Time For Change


Rating: 3.5/5

The Stowaways are back with their new track Time For Change, which follows on from the live shows that have been whipping up a frenzy all year.

The riffs will immediately grab your attention as this is another guitar driven tracks from the boys and possibly one of their strongest single releases to date.

They mix indie, pop and rock elements to deliver a track that sees them deliver their own unique and memorable sound.

This is a track that cleverly alters the pace from the slow verses that really crescendo into the powerful and quick paced chorus.

There really is a theatrical feel to the track that will sound so great live as the tight arrangements really do drive this track forward.

It’s an authoritative vocal performance from James and he supported fantastically by the epic guitars.

The Stowaways drop the pace with the b-side which is a remix of the single, which really is a track that is driven by a great vocal - the instrumentation really does take a bit of a back seat at the beginning of the track.

But the beat really kicks on about half way through as the band experiment with their sound.

Time for Change is another track that shows that The Stowaways are an emerging band of 2012 that we should all be keeping an eye on.

The Stowaways - Time For Change is out now

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