The Tuesday Club - Dolly Dynamite EP

The Tuesday Club - Dolly Dynamite EP

Artist: The Tuesday Club

Album: Dolly Dynamite EP

Label: Perfect Pop Records


Rating: 3/5

The Tuesday Club have been playing gigs all over the country all year and now their three track EP Dolly Dynamite has finally been released.

Dolly Dynamite gives fans a little taster of what is to come from their full length forthcoming album See You Next Tuesday.

For anyone who is coming to The Tuesday Club for the first time with this EP the band mix a wide range of sounds including pop, rock as well as a dash of punk to have one of the catchiest and exciting songs around.

And that is displayed in abundance with title track off the EP Dolly Dynamite and this is a song that mixes rock with Broadway musical - seriously this fabulous track sounds like it should be in The Rocky Horror Show or something along those lines.

It’s just a flamboyant track from start to finish that shows off the fun side of The Tuesday Club - not to mention a great vocal.

Money Means Nothing has a completely different feel to it but we have to wait over a minute before the deep rich vocal kicks in.

There is a very atmospheric feel to each verse before the guitars gig in to give the chorus a little bit more umph.

The mix of male and female vocal works really well together and they compliment each other beautifully.

They May Look Cute (But These Dogs Bite) rounds off the three track EP in fine style as it has a great melody and, once again, great vocals.

Dolly Dynamite is an exciting introduction to The Tuesday Club and I am excited to see what their album offers - if it is more of this then it is guaranteed to be a big hit.

The Tuesday Club - Dolly Dynamite is out now

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