These Reigning Days

These Reigning Days

Artist: These Reigning Days

Single: Living It Up

Label: Echo Recordings


Rating: 4/5

After the huge success of their debut single Changes, These Reigning Days are back with their new and equally great second single Living It Up.

This tracks is a real fusion of elements as it moves from indie-rock with a very subtle electro twist and while on paper that does seem like an odd combination it does work really well.

There is a very orchestral opening to the song as Dan Steer’s vocals are supported by a piano and before the drums and the guitars really kick in.

And when they do kick in this becomes an incredibly upbeat and catchy track, seriously you will struggle to get this out of your heard after you have heard it.

The track moves from a ballad feel in the verse to a more energetic chorus and the mixing of these two different speeds really do work well. Then the solo guitars kick in and they really do give Living It Up quite an epic feel.

Dan Steer, formerly of The Quails, delivers a very emotional vocal - he has the kind of voice that could pack feeling and emotion into reading the phonebook.

But you get the feeling that this is quite a reserved vocal performance from Steer and there really is so much more to come from him as he fronts this band.

Living It Up is a pulsating track that has layers of rock with an electro twist and I can’t wait to here a debut album.

These Reigning Days - Living It Up is out now

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