This Many Boyfriends - Number One

This Many Boyfriends - Number One

Artist: This Many Boyfriends

Single: Number One

Label: Angular Recordings Corporation


Rating: 4/5

This Many Boyfriends release their debut album next week but before that we have a new single from the band to wet our appetites.

Number One is the latest track to be released by the band this summer and it is another great track as they continue to put themselves on the musical map.

And while this has the trademark jangly guitar pop sound that we have come to associate with the band they do take the listener down a different path with this track.

They have moved away from the indie dance floor sound of Starling and other singles and instead have delivered a much simpler track.

The guitar and the percussion all come together to create a really warm and inviting track that has a great melody that you just get caught up in as a listener.

There is a great juxtaposition in the middle of the track as it goes quite and the voice of takes centre stage until the guitars kick in again to end the track on a real high.

It’s great to see This Many Boyfriends playing around with their sound on each of their single releases as they show that they are a versatile sounding band.

Number One is another catchy and memorable track and is a great introduction to the rest of the album released next week.

This Many Boyfriends - Number One is out now

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