Tom Williams and The Boat - Too Young

Tom Williams and The Boat - Too Young

Artist: Tom Williams and The Boat

Single: Too Young

Rating: 5/5

Ripped from the six piece collective’s second album Teenage Blood, Too Young sees yet another mix of mainstream nu-folk and old fashioned - story based shanties.

But while comparisons with Mumford and Sons are easy to make, the sheer sweetness of Too Young is simply overpowering, driving all outside influences out before they ever get a chance to take route.

Deep yet never wallowing Too Young strides that fine line with great aplomb. Up-tempo guitars mix with complex and wistful lyrics.

Brief but beautiful swathes of strings cut in and out to match the scratchy, heartfelt vocals of Williams, who at points on the record is sheer emotion on a microphone.

Too Young is yet another reminder of The Boat’s continued excellence and a great gateway track into Teenage Blood itself.

All of this while still being several kinds of catchy.

Tom Williams and The Boat - Too Young is out now

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