Victoria Hume - Numbers

Victoria Hume - Numbers

Artist: Victoria Hume

Single: Numbers


Rating: 3/5

Victoria Hume is back this week with her brand new single Numbers, which is one of the most minimal records she has ever released.

The singer song-writer has stripped back production and the number of instruments used on the song as she mixes pop elements with folk.

The minimal effect works really well as she shows that you can make a captivating and beautiful record without relying heavily on the tricks of production.

The instruments on the track have been specifically chosen to help bring Hume’s vocals to life and the guitars in particular sound wonderful

Without a doubt this is one of the most unique sounding singles of the year so far as Hume once again shows that she is not afraid to try new things with her music.

However this will not be to the taste of everyone and Numbers will struggle to find any mainstream success.

But this is a great sounding record that really does show off the musical talent of Victoria Hume.

Victoria Hume - Numbers is out now

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