Weird Shapes - Clouds

Weird Shapes - Clouds

Artist: Weird Shapes

Single: Clouds


Rating: 4/5

Clouds may only the be the second studio single for Weird Shapes but the band have been making a name for themselves in the last year.

And it’s not too hard to say why as Clouds is a uniquely sounding single that really does show off the vocals of Dan Spooner.

You know that you are in for a treat with this track from the very start as the opening melody has just a mesmerising feel to it before Spooner’s vocals kick in.

Spooner shows off his vocal versatility from the deep opening to the soaring sound of the high notes that he seems to hit with such ease.

But the beginning melody is there throughout the entire track and it just draws you in and creates this really wonderful sound.

Help Me To Land is the B-side to the single and this track couldn’t be more different as there is a really haunting feel to not only the instrumental elements but also the vocals.

Spooner shows a completely different side to his voice with this track - he really is a singer that we should be getting excited about.

This is a track that slowly builds but keeps your attention all the way through. I can’t wait to see what they deliver with an album.

Weird Shapes - Clouds is out now

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