Artist: Argonaut

Single: Monet

Label: Criminal Records


Rating: 4/5

Argonaut grabbed everyone’s attention when they released their self titled EP that really demonstrated their role influences.

Now the female front five piece are back with their great new single Monet - the latest track to be lifted from that debut EP.

If you are coming to Argonaut’s music for the very first time with this track then this is the perfect introduction to this band.

Monet is a mix hypnotic guitars and great synths with Lorna Lyons’ understated and yet really beautiful vocals.

There is an incredibly sultry sound to Lyons’ voice and the vocal itself is not overproduced allowing a unique sound to drive to the track forward and draw in the listener.

Compared to the rest of the album Monet is one of the lighter tracks as Argonaut are a real rock and roll band at heart.

Monet shows off a much softer side to the band and their sound and it great to see them constantly experimenting with their sound.

Argonaut is a terrific debut album and you really should check out the rest of the record - you should really keep and eye on these guys this year.

Argonaut - Monet is out now

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