Returning with their trademark gravelly vocals, Black Light White Light have a certain shine about them which pierces through the murky veil of rock, capturing the attention of those listening within seconds.

'High Like A Hurricane's instrumental is unpolished and the melodies have sharp edges to them which all add a little realism to the tune. This brings it close to being 'just like the rest of them' but by managing to maintain a unique anthemic progressions shows they're more than 'just another rock band'.

Catchy and emotive, the group become likeable - hard within this genre - and it's clear how much they've been working on their material if you check out their first releases following their formation back in 2009.

B-side 'Sex and Fury' is just as impressive, running straight on from the end of this single and seeping charm, confidence and swagger.

It's an exciting single, out now and highly recommended.

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