Darren Hayes - Blood Stained Heart

Darren Hayes - Blood Stained Heart

Artist: Darren Hayes
Single: Blood Stained Heart
Out Now
Rating: 4.5/5

When it comes to talking about love and relationships musician Darren Hayes is a pretty private guy - but when it comes to his music he bears him soul.

Hayes has described Blood Stained Heart as the most personal song that he has ever penned, based on a situation that she saw a person close to him go through.

Blood Stained Heart is the most powerful and emotional song on his latest album Secret Codes And Battleships and it is ‘that’ song on the record.

Blood Stained Heart has a real old-fashioned feel about it and it is the most Savage Gardenesque song he has released during his solo career.

The verses about standing behind someone during a difficult period are supported by a truly storming and catchy chorus.

This is a song about love & hope and it really is a great pop song, it starts as a whisper before it crescendos into huge climax which leaves you reminiscing about all the great pop songs that Savage Garden released.

There is a real epic fell to Blood Stained Heart and it really is the highlight of what is a great album.

Darren Hayes’ single Blood Stained Heart is out now

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