Come A Little Closer artwork

Come A Little Closer artwork

Made up of vocalist Eoghan Gallagher, with bass from Fabio Kasho and drums from Chris Higginbottom, El Libero are hoping to make their mark on the industry with new single Come A Little Closer.

What's different about this line-up is that the multi-vocalist section rotates, and features different musicians at different points in time.

Their folk influenced-sound blended with great instrumentals makes them seem as if they've been in the business for some time - they've got a great ear for their craft.

Gallagher's clearly able to engage the listener with his memorable lyrics, grainy yet distinguishable vocals and enticing personality, and the single's definitely caught our attention.

Sometimes we're left wanting more - lines could be extended and his voice could be pushed a little more - but on the whole this is a very strong offering.

'Come A Little Closer' is released January 27.

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