Lace & Whiskey

Lace & Whiskey

Artist: Lace & Whiskey

Single: Confuse The Mind


Rating: 4.5/5

Lace & Whiskey are an alternative band that everyone seems to be getting excited about and the band is back with their new single Confuse the Mind.

The track is lifted from their album Running Out Of Time is a driving rock song that is incredibly infectious.

There is a real power to the vocals as well as the guitars on the track and it gives the song quite an aggressive feel - something which works really well.

Andy Hodgson is on vocal and he has a deep growl like tone to his voice with Confuse The Mind and, at times, he almost spit’s the words out.

Confuse The Mind is a truly anthemic track that it is a song that will just sound so fantastic live because of the power, pace and almost anger that really does drive it forward.

Lace & Whiskey are a band that everyone should be keeping an eye on this year and if they keep producing tracks like this they are set for big things.

Lace & Whiskey - Confuse The Mind is out now

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