Single Cover 'Mirrors.'

Single Cover 'Mirrors.'

Combining a Folk with Pop, Lydia Baylis is set to hit the indie scene with her gorgeous debut single Mirrors. A smooth vocal performance bonded with a smooth acoustic backing track with more than slight country twang creates the perfect single to enter into the music scene.

Unlike the bass-filled club tracks and sugar-coated Pop that dominates the charts, Mirrors takes a step back and manages to keep it simple. Mirrors is Folk-Pop perfect. Poignant lyrics about a troubled relationship – check, a brooding distinctive female vocal – check and a soothing acoustic melody to support the vocals – check.  

Baylis claims that her song Mirrors is inspired by her real life, which only adds authenticity to its meaning. She quotes ‘It was actually based on a platonic friendship from when I was thirteen, with a girl at school, which was quite controlling. Looking back on it I wanted to explore that idea of power in relationships, and I think that can be applied to friendships as well as romantically.'

Mirrors, discusses the hidden aspects of friendships and relationships, it's easy to feel the artist’s influence; it runs freely through the core of the song.

An excellent track, it will definitely have success! The track is available on Itunes now. 

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