A debut single must always be a daunting prospect for wannabe superstars and artists who just want to share their talents with the world.

Delving into the world of pop music isn't easy - it's an already over-populated genre of music that many will go away from feeling they've failed to 'break out', but if I had to pick from those giving it a go a few that I think could make it, Magalie would be one of those who may go all the way.

'First Kiss' is everything you want from a pop tune. Her vocals are infectious and heavy production that manages to reverberate around the lyrics but remain non-overbearing makes for some great listening.

Incredibly catchy, the chorus is one that will stick with the listener and it'd be a shame if this didn't get the recognition it deserves.

Though it explores a topic that has been overdone, it's easily forgiveable because this is such a stand-out from many you'll hear in the charts.

Magalie isn't paddling into the pop pool, she's diving in head first, and it's a perfect 10 from me.

'First Kiss' is released October 5.

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