For me it’s the baseline that makes me feel a tune.
DJ Chef

DJ Chef

Growing up in London, where Dubstep originates, DJ Chef aka Chefal started producing music thirteen years ago and started gigging professionally in 2011 whilst attending university. He has performed at many big events so far including Glastonbury festival, 1Xtra InTheCity and Malibu tours. He is a resident at the two pioneering Dubstep nights in London, at DMZ and FMZ and he also does other events such as Skull Disco, Dubpressure, Dirty Canvas and Subloaded.

His skills on the decks have led him to all corners of the globe, he has spread the Dubstep virus to places like Vancouver, New Zealand, LA, New York, Croydon, Newport, Leeds, Manchester and Chicago.

Always having a passion for music Chefal listened to stations such as Kool FM, Rinse, London Underground and Weekend Rush. In 1997, he started listening to and buying House n Garage music and when more baseline influenced music surfaced he moved with the new trends. He has quoted about his love for Dubstep by saying ‘For me it’s the baseline that makes me feel a tune.’

Dubstep is a mixture of syncopated rhythms, wobble bass and Grimey beats. Dubstep is a type of music that I am not actually familiar with but I am aware of the bigger artists in the genre such as Swedish House Mafia and the Go! Team.

DJ Chef has teamed up with the Sheffield band Screaming Maldini to produce a new track titled The Awakening. (Eriki Ma Remix) It’s not my taste in music at all but if I was at a festival or in a nightclub I wouldn’t hesitate to dance to the track, although it is a style of music that will not appear on my iPod but I do commend the creativity and hard work that goes into making this style of music.  

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