Single Cover 'Love In The Shadows'

Single Cover 'Love In The Shadows'

By adding electronic beats and reverb drenched vocals, the song has never been so a far away from the quirky original which was released in 1986 by E.G Daily.

I thought that I would hate it, I love the original song and when I listened to the Cahill Edit by Circuit 21, I was worried that the authenticity of the song would be lost. Fortunately, it isn’t lost; it’s still there under a pile of modernised high-energy synths and driving bass.

Love In the Shadows is the first single taken from the upcoming album Eventually, which he says is influenced by great artists such as Kate Bush, Gary Numan and David Bowie.

Circuit 21 comments on his musical process by saying ‘Every song is written around the sound of the synths in my head. It was trying to get that sound matched in the studio that took time.’

Love In The Shadows is available now and the debut album Eventually is due to be out later this year.

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