Longfellow - Gabrielle.

Longfellow - Gabrielle.

Longfellow may be currently unsigned, but they already have amazing credentials to their name. Frontman Owen Lloyd has a publishing deal with Universal and artists such as Feeder and Example already love their new single Gabrielle.

The band won a competition, to play at the London 2012 Olympics last year as part of Universal Music’s Emerging Icons program. They have been locked away in the studio ever since creating music for future releases.

Their heart stopping debut single Gabrielle has a broody melody, sombre tones and poignant lyrics. The song delves into an in depth description of heartbreak with lyrics such as ‘I can’t face the sadness/ glistening in your iris. Look away/ Riptide of commitment/ please just turn this heart and prise it open.’

They remind me of Coldplay with their soulful and haunting sound. Releasing a dark song such as Gabrielle as their first single is a risk but they actually pull it off.

The band has a unique edge; the song is melancholy, surrounded by guitars and bass, creating an epic sound against the anguish expressed through the lyrics.

The story of loss and heartbreak is touching; the video is equally as sad, showing the lead singer being literally cut open as he sings the lyrics to the camera.

They are a bit more folksy than Coldplay but with the same level of atmospheric soul. Like Coldplay, their sound could easily captivate a crowd and cause them to forget the world for the duration of the gig. Longfellow could be the next quirky indie stars.

To see their performance on the steps of St Pauls in London, singing a cover of folk song May the Light. Head over to their youtube, it's a video not to be missed. 

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