Single Cover 'When I Turn Out The Light'

Single Cover 'When I Turn Out The Light'

The Indio Kings are a nostalgic band that can also make it in the modern music world. Their new single When I Turn Out The Light is a quirky pop take on the classic ‘blind date’ scenario and looking for Mr Right.

With swinging piano, soulful blues guitar and roaring sax, this upbeat song is desirable. The music of yesteryear is officially back, reinvented and here to stay!

The official music video for the track is somewhat like a parody. Featuring the band, the video is a sassy take on dating. Both the song and the video are fun.

Their debut album Against A Brick Wall was released last year and their new single When I Turn Out The Light is material from their upcoming album. Against A Brick Wall had great success and reached number two in the Amazon Jazz Download Chart.

The response was positive, Blues Matters commenting by saying ‘smooth harmonies and tight ensemble playing. The main vocalist has a sometime Billie Holiday feel, the sax is mellow and inventive while the stomping piano is pure jazz.’ Jazz FM called it a ‘fabulous album.’

With one prosperous album under their belt and a quirky new single, The Indio Kings are well on their way to proving that vintage is back. 

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