Elysium-In Valour

Elysium-In Valour

Artist: Elysium

Debut EP: In Valour

Rating: 4/5

Out Now

Elysium are an up-coming band from Watford who have released a new EP, ‘In Valour’. The four-some formed in late 2012, after previously being in the same band, ‘Times Like These.’  The band consists of Shaun Taylor who plays the rhythm guitar and vocals, Harley Jones who also sings on the tracks as well as playing lead guitar, Ollie Reeve plays the bass guitar and vocals and Lewis Crawley is on drums.

The first track In Valour, begins with an electrifying guitar instrumental and then kicks in with roaring vocals and impressive drumming skills which instantly create the vibe of the band. It continues with hard-core guitar reefs and adds to the effect of the band’s sound.

I’m a thief but I keep what I steal is the most hardcore of all 4 tracks. The track is fast paced with screaming vocals and booming instruments, this track is not for the faint-hearted but definitely lives up to the bands essence. It will get you rocking your heart out and with the lyrics being just about easy enough to make out, you will be singing or screaming along too.

Scars is another gritty, intense song that keeps the rocky feel throughout the whole of the EP. The song focuses more on the vocals which captivates you as a listener and works well with the sound and the instruments that are used. The vocals of the band are very harsh yet gritty and the delivery of the lyrics is what the songs needs to give them that little edge. The EP is definitely for people who prefer hard rock music and provides something meaty for the listener to get to grips with.

The last song on the EP, Boy, begins with a slow-paced introduction which instantly smashes into a hardcore fast-paced instrumental. With the EP’s punchy melodies and exceptional vocals the chsoen songs are ideal for the bands style.

It’s a must for all you lovers of rock music- you won’t be disappointed!

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