Sam Bailey - 'Skyscraper'

Sam Bailey - 'Skyscraper'

Sam Bailey took The X Factor crown last weekend, beating out both of Louis Walsh's remaining contenders - Luke Friend and Nicholas McDonald - not that he seemed too bothered, mind, after campaigning for votes for Sam in the live finals.

As is with tradition, Sam got the opportunity to release her debut single as soon as she was named champion, and that single is a cover of Demi Lovato's 'Skyscraper'.

Bringing her intense powerhouse vocals to the forefront, along with tender moments where she allows herself to get lost in the moment, this was certainly a brilliant choice for the wife and mother of two to put out.

Sam - currently sitting at the top of the iTunes chart in the UK - is expected to debut on the UK singles chart at number one, taking the coveted Christmas number one slot.

While it may not be as much a stand out as winner's singles past, it's certainly not one we'll forget in a matter of moments, and her vocal range is extraordinary. We can't wait to see what original content she comes up with in future years.

Sam Bailey's 'Skyscraper' is out now.

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