Soft Bullets

Soft Bullets

Artist: Soft Bullets

Single: Posterity

Label: Township


Rating: 4/5

Soft Bullets were formed last year and this week we see their first offering as they release their debut single Posterity

And this is a perfect slice of synth driven indie and Posterity is a track that really will make you sit up and take notice.

This is about as perfect as a debut single comes as this track gives you enough to be excited about and yet you still feel that there is so much more that Soft Bullets have to offer.

Posterity is a rhythmic slice of electronica and yet it is not an electronic based track that is heavy or in your face - the electronic elements are quite delicate and that is what makes this track so interesting.

Soft Bullets have not gone OTT with the production of this single they have kept it really subtle and let the vocals and the lyrics really take centre stage.

We also see two sides of Christopher Wall’s vocal throughout the track; it starts off deep and almost growly and then he shows off his higher range in the second half of the song.

Posterity really is a great track and I am exited to see what music Soft Bullets releases throughout 2013 - I think it is set to be a great year.

Soft Bullets - Posterity is out now

Click here to download Soft Bullets - Posterity

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