Artist: Sultanov

Single: Keep On Running

Label: Sultanov Records


Rating: 3/5

Dan Sultanov aka Sultanov is a singer/songwriter to keep an eye out for this year and this week he releases his debut single Keep On Running.

Keep On Running is the first track to be lifted from his self titled debut album - a record that will drop later this year.

If you are looking for a slice of pure and catchy pop then this is the track for you as Keep On Running is one of those songs that will just get stuck in your head.

There is a bit of an eighties groove going on with this track not to mention the killer hook that will more than get it’s claws into you.

Summer may feel like a long way away but Keep On Running has a real summer feel to it and it is a track that is a lot of fun.

The track was written and produced by Andy Wright and he has produced the likes of Annie Lennox and Simply Red over the years - so it comes as no surprise that this is a perfect slice of pop.

Sultanov has a slick vocal but he doesn’t anything over the top of particularly standout with it on this debut track.

Keep On Running is a song that is a lot of fun and it will be interesting to see how his debut album sounds.

Sultanov - Keep On Running is out now

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