These Reigning Days

These Reigning Days

Artist: These Reigning Days

Single: Too Late


Rating: 4/5

These Reigning Days return this week with their brand new single Too Late - their third single release - and the trio have an album set for release later this year.

There is a greater swagger to Too Late compared to anything else that they have released so far and it is a track that hooks from the opening chords.

The bassline at the beginning of the track really does give the track a bit of a dark feel before the guitars burst into life - particularly in the chorus.

Too Late is a track with a real energy from start to finish and there is an anthemic quality to the song - it is one of those tracks that you know will sound terrific live.

There is a pulsating electro undercurrent to the track that works fantastically alongside the guitars that really do power this track forward.

Too Late is the most exciting track that These Reigning Days have released so far and it is not surprising that there are some great things being said about this band at the moment.

If they keep on producing tracks like this their album is going to be one not to miss this year.  

These Reigning Days - Too Late is out now

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