I Do What I Like is a an uplifting start to the album- warm sun, blue skies and paradise feature heavily in the lyrics giving this song a sense of optimism. The message is mostly a feeling of taking ownership of one's life.

The Corrs

The Corrs

Bring on the Night- The harmonies in this song are just beautiful between all of the ladies- although it starts off slowly, it gains momentum as it heads towards the chorus. Even though the lyrics are clearly of loss and the heartache of missing someone there is hope in seeing them again.

White Light- In our recent interview with Sharon she revealed that Andrea wrote the song after watching the documentary on Amy Winehouse. The song is about how some people can survive a long career under the white light of the stage but for others it takes its toll. The song has a double meaning for those who are spiritual too. Despite the darker undertones of this song- again there is a message of living longer in order to live life to the fullest. A lesson learned and wisdom passed on.

Kiss of Life is by far my favourite track on the album. I don't tire of hearing it because the sounds of Sharon on the violin kicking in at the start are so reminiscent of my favourite songs from The Corrs' previous albums. I feel the song is about great loss but channelling that grief and doing something that would make the absent person proud.

Unconditional feels like it's about loving someone despite their faults and their lows because relationships are about unwavering, unconditional love. If you could sing one song to your loved one this would be it because it just captures love perfectly.

Strange Romance tells the story of a bittersweet relationship one that is based on one chance after another as the pair try to make it work. I believe so many couples could relate to this song- it's a gentle telling of the heat of a yo-yo relationship.

Ellis Island is stripped back- just a piano, a violin and the beautiful harmonies between sisters- a stunning reminder of the individual talent that makes up this band. 

Gerry's Reel reminds me so much of Toss the Feathers- the momentum just keeps building as the layers of instruments kick in. As I'm listening to it- it makes me type faster and tap along to it- and as it slows in the middle it slowly builds again leaving you wanting more.

Stay I feel is about asking a loved one who's passed to stay with you in your memory- if they can't be with you- you want the memories of them to remain. In the heartbreak of losing someone it's important to cherish the time and memories. Finding light in the dark.

Catch Me When I Fall is soft and delicate- the music is reflective of someone falling through the sky. A song you would play during times of uncertainly- an audible safety net.

I only have one word for Harmony and that is haunting. What better name for a song and for the band? It encapsulates what The Corrs are all about.

What else can I say about White Light? The Corrs have only gone and done it again- please don't let us wait another ten years until the next one!

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