Since calling it a day back in late 2005, the five members of former Brit Rock superstars “A” have been a busy bunch.

“Basically the machine killed us!” explains drummer Adam Perry. “We literally couldn’t operate anymore, we’d had hits, big hits, toured the planet and sold a ton of records, but label problems, and a long wait in between albums made it impossible for us to continue. We never split up, just called it a day and pursued other exciting avenues”

Whilst Adam went to become the drummer in 7 million selling Philadelphia mentalists ‘The Bloodhound Gang’ Jason Perry and Dan Carter went about writing scores of hits for other artists, racking up 5 UK No.1’s and over 10 UK top 10’s in just 18 months. Daniel later joined Radio One as host of the Rock Show, whilst Mark (Chapman) played various sessions before settling down in the band ‘Mills’. Keyboard player and Perry brother number three, Giles Perry moved from Apple to the BBC.

So why now?

“It feels like the time is right’ says Adam with a grin on his face. “We got back together last Christmas to do the Wildhearts tour and had a wicked time!, plus there was a big support out there for us, we didn't kill each other, and playing those songs again made us all re think about getting “A” back on track”

What no Dan?

“Daniel isn't coming out on tour,” explains Adam, “besides he's seen enough of me this year!, He joined The Bloodhound Gang to play our Australia stadium tour with Nine Inch Nails in January this year and has been all over the world with us ever since, plus with Radio One and his band Hexes, he's too busy. He loved “A”, it was his life, and we are all super best friends, but Dan feels like its time to move on, and we all wish him luck”

Enter new bassist John Mitchell.

“Johns ace!” laughs Adam, He's a busy producer, (You Me At Six, Enter Shikari), a great bassist and an Alan Partridge fan, so he's in!, plus he sings in one of our favourite bands ‘It Bites’, so we get to dress up all 80’s and slap bass in soundcheck”

What's the plan?

“The plan” growls Adam, is to get writing, and start recording new tracks, Jase will produce it (currently in Texas producing Kids In Glass Houses”), we’ll do it at our studio, put it out on Medical (the Perry brothers label and home to Matthew P), and go on tour”, Simple!. We once said, “When it stops becoming fun, we’ll stop playing until it becomes fun again, and that’s exactly what’s happened!, plus, we've always loved Christmas, so touring in December is gonna be ace, we might even bring back the snow machine!”

And finally,

“Get down early” insists Adam, “This City’ are supporting and they rock!, plus were playing a long old set of “A” classics...Cant wait to play Old Folks and 40 again, almost autobiographical!