John Lydon & The Sex Pistols

John Lydon & The Sex Pistols

John Lydon is said to be devastated that Noel Gallagher quit Oasis - because the band's music cheered him up.

The Sex Pistols frontman is a big fan of the Wonderwall hitmakers, and is convinced singer Liam Gallagher has borrowed his vocal style.

So he was saddened when guitarist Noel walked away from the British band after a bust-up with his brother before a show in Paris last month.

Lydon, who went by the moniker Johnny Rotten during his punk heyday, says, "It is sad. They're a nice backdrop on a dull day. There's no content or depth to Oasis but it's still poignant.

"Noel is fantastic, one of Britain's finest. Liam's alright if you want a second-rate Rotten. I remember hearing Rock 'n' Roll Star for the first time and it sounded like John Lennon and John Lydon mixed together."

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