The King Blues

The King Blues

Is anybody gonna fight back?

'Does Anybody Care About Us?' is the brand new single from The King Blues, the fourth taken from their critically acclaimed 2011 album, 'Punk & Poetry'.

A clear statement of intent as always from The King Blues, aggressively melodic, and with lyrics with a conscience, their latest offering continues to prove yet again this really is a band with something to say.

Shot on a frosty Manchester morning, the band invited fans to become a part of the video, playing the subjects that are uncompromisingly thrown on to a pile of those left behind by recent heavy-handed coalition government policy.

"There's no fucking future for anyone but the privileged anymore, education needs to be for everyone, we need jobs, houses, and all they want us to do is pay our taxes, shut the fuck up and gratefully eat X-Factor.

It makes me sick to my gut. Banker bonuses and politicians claiming thousands for their fucking duck ponds while they sweep the homeless off the streets and hose down where they're sleeping, taking away benefits while two and a half million people are unemployed, leaving empty houses to rot and trying to outlaw squatting during a homeless crisis.

There's a battle going on and we're part of it whether we like it or not. Cameron says, 'in this together', easy to say if you're sitting on £30,000,000! He has no idea what life is like for the people he condemns, for the people he makes it most difficult for. He's a fucking scumbag and I've had enough of it,

I know I ain't the only one either. I look around and I see resistance on every level. Call us what you like, striking workers, protesting students, rioting kids, the 99%, we are who we are, a product of a broken Britain being torn apart and yes, we are fucking angry - is anybody gonna fight back?" - Jonny 'Itch' Fox

Due for release on February 12th on digital download, the single will also include a live accapella version of 'Five Bottles of Shampoo' taken from the band's recent triumphant performance at The Roundhouse, London - their biggest headline show to-date, as a b-side. Fans can also look forward to re-living the rest of that electric night in Camden as the whole gig looks set to become part of a forthcoming limited edition King Blues DVD.

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