They call it Futurecraft 3D, and it will allow customers to create and design a custom Adidas shoe tailored to their specific size and requirements.



All you would have to do, is visit an Adidas location, where your feet would be scanned and that data would be used to construct the perfect, form-fitting midsole, with any style of Adidas sneaker. Data would also be collected while you do a test run on a treadmill, thus not just taking the specific dimensions of your foot, but also the particulars of your running style to shape the perfect shoe.

"Futurecraft 3D is a prototype and a statement of intent. We have used a one-of-its-kind combination of process and material in an entirely new way," said Eric Liedtke, executive board member of Adidas AG, told Mashable.

"Our 3D-printed midsole not only allows us to make a great running shoe, but also to use performance data to drive truly bespoke experiences, meeting the needs of any athlete."

"We have not yet set a market launch date for stores, but [we] are planning to make further announcements in early 2016," an Adidas spokesperson told Mashable.

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