Think again before getting another

Think again before getting another

Too much drinking is now causing neatly 10 million admissions a year to A and E. With these worrying figures, it’s no surprise that one in five people now drink above the recommended amount suggested by the NHS.

According to the newest figures, 9.6 million people are drinking far beyond the amount they should be, putting themselves at risk of a number of health problems later down the line.

Alcohol Concern has said that alcohol abuse is putting an ‘excessive strain’’ on the NHS.

“The NHS is now facing an intolerable strain from alcohol-related illnesses,” said Jackie Ballard, Alcohol Concern Chief Executive.

“This is not just from readily-identifiable causes such as A&E visits and admissions for liver disease, but from a significant number of other conditions in which alcohol plays a major, but often underappreciated part.”

“We urgently need action to prevent alcohol misuse, the first and most effective of which is for the government to implement a minimum unit price, which has the potential to save the economy millions, and most importantly save lives."

The NHS encourages men to drink no more than 3-4 units in a day- or two pints and women should not be drinking any more than one large glass of wine or 2-3 units.

The consequences of drinking to excess regularly can include liver problems, reduced fertility, high blood pressure, increased risk of mouth, neck, throat, and breast cancer and a heart attack to name a few. So next time you reach for the corkscrew- think about how bright your future is going to be if you continue to drink too much.

Source: The Telegraph 

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