Apple has published an app on their rival's app store and Android fanboys are not happy. 'Move to iOS' is the first app that Apple has officially released for Android and its purpose is to aid Android users in transferring their data to an iOS device.

Move to iOS

Move to iOS

Naturally, many die-hard Android fans are unhappy about the mere existence of such an app, and downloaded 'Move to iOS' just to leave a negative review. At the time of writing, the app has over 12,700 one-star reviews and only 2,700 5-star reviews, giving it an overall score of 1.7 on the Play Store.

One user wrote: "Dear Apple just why did you make this app? You refuse to release your apps onto Android because apple is 'superior' in your minds but that just turns most users away from Apple because they think they are the best and never change. But Google has their apps on your app store and many people switch from Apple because they want freedom."

Here's another: "No Thanks Never owning an Apple product ever again. Nice try with the random copied features from the Android OS and calling them REVOLUTIONARY. We are never ever ever getting back together!"

Some users have complained that the app does not deliver on its fundamental purpose: "Terrible app. Not only doesn't it conform to design standards, it's also incompatible with most of my devices. At any rate, we need the ability to save data from the iOS walled garden and bring them to an Android phone. This app does the exact opposite of that and is therefore completely useless."

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