Mother and New Born Baby

Mother and New Born Baby

We all love to enjoy the finer things in life every now and again, after all there is nothing wrong with treating yourself! New research has revealed that Brits regard treasured memories worth more in value than materialistic possessions.

LifeBook UK commissioned the ‘Value of a Memory’ research, surveying over 2,000 British men and women aged 18+ to find out which memories Brits hold at the highest value.

The results showed that holding your baby for the first time is Brits’ most treasured memory, being worth a whopping £485,512.12! Brits' revealed that they value their wedding day at around £291,063.62 making it the second highest 'Value of a Memory' and spending time with family and friends is worth £274,685.19.

Family celebrations are worth £201,377.51 and your partner proposing totalled to £197,687.05 in the 'Value of a Memory' study. However, from the research by LifeBook UK, men put a lower monetary value on the same memories apart from their first kiss, which they price at £25,000 more than women!

The study also found that 32% of Brits were likely to rush for a family photo album if their house was on fire compared to 10% who would rather retrieve their wallet, proving that the sentimental possessions mean and are worth more than anything else they own.

Roy Moëd, founder of LifeBook UK commented: “Although, we are living in an increasingly materialistic world, this research shows that our family memories trump the value of any material possession we own, with Brits pricing their most treasured memory at over £1 million. This proves that our memory bank holds far greater value than most of our piggy banks ever will!

Dr Lynda Shaw, Director of Successful Ageing at LifeBook UK adds: “Our memories are extremely precious to us and recalling and sharing them with friends and loved ones not only allows us to enjoy them by reliving them but also keeps our mind active, something especially important as we get older in order to keep our brains healthy. When we share our personal stories we further remind ourselves of our achievements and successes that we may have not acknowledged for many years, enhancing our confidence and self-worth as well as reinforcing meaningful relationships all over again."

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