Denmark is the happiest country in the world, with Britain trailing behind, sitting at number 23, according to the World Happiness Report, published today by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).

In response to the report, well-being start-up FeedMyHappy launches three simple steps towards happiness to make Britain a happier place.

According to FeedMyHappy, the secret to a journey to happiness starts with a smile, connecting with others and trying something new today. The company is calling on people to take these three steps in the lead up to the International Day of Happiness on Sunday 20th March. It is hoped that by adopting these three steps, the shift in mindset will help Britain move up the list of happy places to live. Britain has slipped down two places since last year's report.

With the practice of mindfulness and well-being having become increasingly popular in recent years, FeedMyHappy is an online platform offering health and well-being courses that are affordable, accessible and easy to fit into increasingly hectic schedules. The platform features courses from a range of professionals from around the globe, specialising in everything from fitness to relationships to study skills and self-esteem.

Jodi Aman, a U.S based psychotherapist and FeedMyHappy tutor, said "I teach that happy people generate happiness, and I demonstrate how anyone can do that; by first unravelling the hold their problems have in their life, and then, by giving them practices they can do every day to create happiness. What's my biggest secret to being happy, motivated and productive? I celebrate everything, it gives me joy and energy."

"Do I think Brits know if they are happy? I'm not sure. Brits are very funny, in a dry way, and can be laid back. Maybe they are too busy living to say if they are happy or not. People have had trauma and hardship in every culture and learning how to deal with that and move on with life is an important way forward for anyone, anywhere."

To kickstart a happier Britain, FeedMyHappy will mark the International Day of Happiness on 20th March by waiving the admission fee to all its online courses.

Jennifer Hallwood, Director at FeedMyHappy, said "We would encourage everyone to start today and follow our three simple steps to happiness: smile, connect with others and try something new today (#firststepstohappy). I really want to help people take back control and make themselves happier. I've been there before; I knew something was missing and was looking for something extra to make me happier."

"We believe there are three simple steps that anyone can take to help them become happier - smile, connect with others and try something new today. On Sunday it is the International Day of Happiness and we think everyone should try something new; we will give anybody who signs up to a month's free access to all our courses. Let's get Britain happy!"

Denmark tops the list as the happiest country in the world

Denmark tops the list as the happiest country in the world

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