Millions of tourists heading to the Baleriac Islands could be faced with a "green tax" in addition to their holiday costs.



Biel Barcelo, vice president of the islands' coalition government, said that the tax was "absolutely necessary" to help conserve the "paradise of the Balearic archipelago".

Exact details about the levy, such as possible seasonal fluctuations or whether amounts may vary by age group, have yet to be released, but the government will charge a daily fee of €2 - around £1.50 - per person. This means that a family of four would owe an extra £40 for a week's holiday, or £80 for two weeks.

Fred Isaac, of the Consumer Action website, told the Sunday People: "This will hurt families the most, and they already face inflated prices during school holidays. An extra £80 is a significant charge for those on a tight budget."

14 million tourists currently visit the Baleriac Islands each year, and experts in the travel industry have warned that the "green tax" will be a significant deterrent for future holidaymakers.

Inma Benito, of the Majorca Hoteliers' Federation, said the levy would result in "millions in losses" for the Baleriac economy.

"It's important the islands do everything they can to preserve their environment - but discouraging tourists could be a very unwelcome and unintended consequence," said a spokesman for the Association of British Travel Agents.

"Past experience shows that if a destination is perceived to be unwelcoming or the entry rules too onerous it can result in deterring significant numbers of visitors."