Brits love coffee as has been revealed today- 71% of Brits visit coffee shops every month. Eight million Brits go at least once a week- whether its national or an independent chain, we can't get enough of our caffeine hit according to Think Money.

How often do you drink out?

How often do you drink out?

And it's not cheap either with the average send at £5- £10 per visit which is the equivalent of around £125 a year or more.

More than 20 visits racks up £588, 15-20 visits sets you back £412, 10-15 is £294, 5-1- times is £147 and 3-4 times still costs an impressive £88.

Ian Williams, spokesman for thinkmoney, says: "Our high streets, stations and public spaces are crammed full of coffee shops - and for good reason as the vast majority of us will visit one at least once a month. For many it is an occasional, affordable, treat. But for those that visit daily, or who add a cake or snack to their hot drink it can soon add up to a considerable annual expense."

It is no shock that people in London are the biggest coffee consumers from the UK, however in the East Midlands they would rather settle for a brew at home and see coffee out as more of a treat than a habit.

The under 24s are the biggest offenders for coffee shop visits- more than any other age bracket. But why are coffee shops so popular? Well- with the rise in online dating many people are opting for a coffee date rather than a full blown meal with wine as it's cheaper. People are content with spending a tenner if their date doesn't work out than the cost of an average three course meal.

It's a great place to meet up with friends- as it's an inexpensive catch up- no need for a night on the tiles kissing goodbye to £50- you can have a cheap and cheerful meeting.

A pit stop- in the middle of a busy shopping/ working day this can be the respite you need to recharge your batteries.

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