We Brits are fairly sentimental as a nation; we adore our pets, we're nostalgic about past sporting glories, and we endlessly search for pictures of kittens on the internet. But how sentimental are we when it comes to our family? Vintage jewellery retailer William May wanted to find out, and conducted a survey of 2,000 of us to find out whether we could put a price on a treasured family heirloom. Would we be willing to part with that Victorian brooch handed down by Great Aunt Lizzie, or that rather dull landscape painting we inherited from Grandpa Albert? Or could we just callously flog it, if it meant a bit of extra cash?

Could you get rid of heirlooms in the family for a bit of cash?

Could you get rid of heirlooms in the family for a bit of cash?

Well, it seems we all have our price, and on average, the minimum we'd accept for a family heirloom is £441.76. Perhaps that's no real surprise, considering that if something is just sitting around gathering dust in our attic, or it isn't particularly attractive or useful, the lure of making some money from it that we can use to help fund our lifestyle is too great.

However, the most unsentimental part of the UK turned out to be Wales; they'd be prepared to accept just £279.84 to part with a piece of family history! Second least sentimental region was the North West, where the minimum they'd accept is £363.21. However, the part of the UK that places the highest price on sentiment and nostalgia is Northern Ireland, who wouldn't kiss goodbye to a dusty old artefact for less than £595.33. To find out how your region compares, check out this infographic from William May:


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