Despite reports that the UK is set to have its longest winter for 50 years, more people are determined to make use of their garden in the colder months. 37% of people are refusing to let the weather get in their way, wrapping up warm, so that they can spend more time outdoors.

30% of Brits said they would enjoy their turkey alfresco this Christmas and 51% prefer to take the party to the outside to entertain friends. Almost 30% are getting out the BBQ's to banish those winter blues.

More people than ever embrace the growing trend of eating outdoors all year round. 82% claim that spending time outside improves their mood and 30% of Brits actually spend as much time in their garden in the run up to Halloween and Bonfire Night as they do in the summer months.

Brits want to dine outside this Christmas, despite the weather

Brits want to dine outside this Christmas, despite the weather

It seems that atmosphere is everything, with 29% investing in fairy lights, lamps and candles to brighten their evenings and 51% investing in outdoor heating and cosy seating areas.

Yet despite gardens becoming such a focus for households, less than half of Brits invest in any type of wood treatment or paint to ensure their garden fencing and decking withstands the harsh winter weather, even though 75% claim they try to keep their garden in good condition throughout winter to ensure there's less work needed in spring.

Katie Taylor from Cuprinol said "Gardens are no longer a space that we enjoy for just three months of the year. More people are investing in their garden to ensure it is a space they can make the most of - come rain or shine. The autumn is in fact the best time to spruce up your space, as the lack of leaves mean it's much easier to repair and maintain those normally hard to reach places - and a simple treatment to protect against the winter weather means much less spending in Spring."

Here are five top tips for making the most of your garden all year round

1. Add a splash of colour: Painting planters and fencing with colourful shades can really help brighten up your space during the cold and drab winter weather - especially once colourful flowers and bedding plants have died off. Cuprinol Garden Shades has been specially developed to colour and protect sheds, fences and other garden wood. Its special pigments ensure a rich colour all year round.

2. Keep it cosy: Focussing your seating area around a fire pit or chimenea will help keep everyone warm whilst you're sat outside, and heaters are a really great way of adding a warm glow when you're socialising with friends.

3. Make the most of the barren branches: Once the leaves have fallen, you'll find it much easier to maintain your wooden fencing. The openings mean it can be much quicker to add a layer of paint - especially with the new Cuprinol Spray & Brush which help you do it in a fraction of the time.

4. Add to the mood: Outdoor lighting is as important for setting the mood as indoor lighting. Fairly lights and lanterns will help give a focus to a certain area, and floor lights will brighten the whole space to make it inviting and cosy.

5. Focus on your furniture: Many households clear away furniture for winter to ensure it is protected from the elements. Getting simple waterproof covers means that it's much easier to set up your dining space or seating area in just a few seconds - and furniture is still protected from the rain.

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