In the current climate, young people are struggling more than ever to secure jobs - either full time or part time between studies. With casual jobs becoming more and more popular, Job Today is an app that looks to provide the perfect solution.

Are you coming to a dead end when job hunting?

Are you coming to a dead end when job hunting?

With all of that in mind, we've decided to take a look at the app, and have put together 6 reasons you should check it out if you're currently unemployed and looking for a new job!

1. It’s all in the name! Job Today can get you a job within 24 hours. The app connects young job seekers with casual jobs which are available at local businesses. This therefore allows job seekers and employers to secure/hire casual jobs through an app for the first time.

2. Jobs include roles in hospitality, retail, beauty, logistics and transport - all casual jobs which is a massive industry!

3. Technology has changed so much in our lives from the way we shop, communicate with friends, order taxis and now it can get you a job too! There is no need to print out your CV and walk around you’re local area looking for a job, Job Today perfectly meets the demands of the future workforce in being mobile first and delivering immediate results.

4. Job Today is the number 1 hiring app in the UK for casual jobs with more than 4 million users. The app instantly connects people who are looking for a job with employers who are looking to fill jobs that are available right now.

5. Young people live online so this is the perfect way for job seekers to find roles and for employers to find staff!

6. Job Today was created by businesswoman Polina Montano after she was struggling to find casual staff to work early morning and late night shifts at her chain of Petrol Stations. The app provided the perfect solution!

Polina Montano, founder of Job Today
Polina Montano, founder of Job Today

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