More than 1,000 protesters reached London and the US embassy last night to stand in solidarity with the American city Ferguson.

Taking to the streets to allow their voices to be heard, they opposed the decision not to punish white police officer Darren Wilson for shooting dead black teenager Michael Brown.

Signs on the streets read "black lives matter" and "jail racist cops", whilst some there wore masks to protect their identity, setting off flares whilst chanting "killer police off our streets".

Marching to Grosvenor Square, speeches were made at the US embassy before the group moved to Oxford Street which caused traffic to be halted, and eventually all the way to Piccadilly Circus.

This comes after protesters have lined the streets of America in cities including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

Though many are peacefully protesting, there is a minority using the event to cause serious damage to property and vehicles, setting businesses on fire and looting shops.

Stand Up To Racism and the London Black Revolutionaries set up the London demonstration, which lasted to around 11.30pm last night. No arrests were made.

Carol Duggan, the aunt of Mark Duggan whose death sparked the 2011 London riots spoke during the march.

She explained: "We need to send a message to Mike Brown's family.

"We feel the pain, we know the pain, of losing somebody at the hands of the police.

"That is why we stand in solidarity with the community of Ferguson. I feel they are very strong and brave people."

She added: "They have to carry on fighting. They have to see this through.

"We have to stand behind them because you know what happens there will eventually happen here."

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