Gambling is hot right now. America has recently repealed its laws meaning more and more people can legally do what the UK’s citizens have been able to do since 1961 - legally place wagers with licenced bookmakers.

Gambling on Female First

Gambling on Female First

Of course legal casinos have been around a lot longer and America has had Las Vegas spinning roulette wheels and dealing cards since the 1940s. But with the introduction of online gambling, the landscape has changed dramatically during the past two decades.

Ultimately gambling is more socially acceptable than ever, more people do it and consequently more people lose. There is a saying within betting circles which goes: “Gambling does not create new wealth... It merely transfers wealth from poor to rich.”

To a certain degree this is true but quietly, often hidden behind the anonymity the internet provides, savvy people are making money from the countless betting offers and opportunities available to them.

Less players, more winners

Statistically almost as many women gamble online as men – the ratio is estimated to be around 56% of men to 44% of women – and that is up on the figures we had in 2017. But whereas men like to bet on sports and play online poker, women’s betting habits are led by online bingo with online slots coming a close second.

But here’s where things get real interesting. While it is generally accepted problem gamblers are overwhelmingly addicted to games of total chance - which Bingo and Slots most certainly are - only a tiny percentage of women make up the total number of gamblers that seek help for addiction.

Analysts at the leading online gambling companies - those that offer everything from sports betting to casinos, bingo to poker - have spent an inconceivable amount of time crunching the numbers trying to understand the behaviour habits of gamblers from both sexes and their findings show women gamblers are primarily motivated by fun whereas men are driven by the money and potential financial reward.

The bottom line

It has become abundantly clear women are the better gamblers consistently winning but winning smaller amounts than their male counterparts. Men enjoy risk and when winning they rarely cash-out their winnings in the quest for the life-changing score.

Furthermore many women are diligent enough to take full advantage of the sign-up offers gambling companies use to attract new customers. Free bets, free bingo play and casino offers such as ‘50 free spins no deposit’ are a bulk-standard amongst the leading online betting sites these days.

And while they offer the opportunity to win some easy money without the prospect of losing any hard-earned cash they are often seen as gimmicks by many men. Conversely women use these free play bonuses for hours of entertainment and are not afraid to make off with the smallest financial reward.