Photo Credit: Pixabay
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Wherever we look nowadays, there seems to be bad news. Whether it's deadly massacres, jaw-dropping political moves, or something else entirely, there's a severe lack of good news brightening up our days. With that in mind, we've decided to seek out some of the best reports from the past week to cheer you up in time for the weekend, putting a smile on your face and giving you some great stories to share with family and friends...

5. Two sons took out a billboard asking for birthday wishes for their father

Christopher Ferry lives in Linwood, New Jersey. When the time came to celebrate his birthday this year, his two Florida-residing sons, Chris and Mike Ferry, decided to do something special to celebrate. As they couldn't be with their father on his special day, they instead took out a billboard which showed a picture of Christopher, along with his mobile number, asking those who saw it to wish him a happy birthday on their behalf.

The adult sons say that they only expected those who recognised their dad to send him well wishes, but soon the billboard - which was placed above the Black Horse Turnpike in Atlantic City - encouraged strangers to get in touch and brighten up Christopher's day.

Having received over 15,000 messages from strangers, it's fair to assume that Christopher's birthday - which is actually March 16 - will see him stuck with a huge smile across his face. Have a good one, Christopher!

4. Is this the world's kindest criminal?

A woman who was withdrawing money from an ATM in Heyuan, China last month was scared out of her mind when a man approached her weilding a knife, demanding she hand over the cash. Things changed however when the crook saw her bank balance, and decided to put his crime on the backburner. 

After seeing that the woman's balance was zero following the withdrawal, the man laughed and walked over to the woman with a smile, handing over the money he had just stolen from her. He then casually walked away before later bieng detained by the Heyuan Police.

3. India's first hospital for rescued elephants treats 26 following opening

A few months after India's first ever hospital for rescued elephants was opened in Uttar Pradesh by the animal welfare group Wildlife SOS, the facility has announced they've already treated a whopping 26 elephants thanks to the work of the staff there.

Upon being brought to the hospital, animals are given a thorough evaluation before getting treatment for their individual injuries or sicknesses. Wireless digital radiology, ultrasound, laser therapy and more, including a medical hoist to move the elephants, is all used within the hospital.

2. Dented penny that saved soldier's life to go down in history

One British soldier's life was saved during World War I thanks to a lucky penny kept in the Private's top breast pocket of his uniform. Veteran John Trickett kept the coin as a reminder of home, and it proved to save his life when it took the impact of a German bullet on a battlefield in France, back in 1914.

Now, the coin is to be sold at Derbyshire's Hansons Auctioneers on March 22, 2019 as part of a collection of war-related items which belonged to the soldier, cementing its place in history.

1. Kim Kardashian-West offers to pay five years of former prisoner's rent

Through her fight to abolish the death penalty sentence in the state of California, Kim Kardashian-West has put her incredible wealth to good use by offering to pay for five years of rent on behalf of Matthew Charles. He was recently released from prison as part of new criminal justice reform, but was struggling to find housing after the historic release.

Kardashian-West hasn't publicly spoken about her gesture, but continues to work with Democratic California Governor Christopher Newsom in a bid to end the state's death penalty sentence. 

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