Picture Credit: Pixabay
Picture Credit: Pixabay

9% of HR employees at least once in their careers decided to refuse an applicant who uses too harsh or inappropriate perfume, according to the Research Center of the recruiting portal Superjob.

The overwhelming majority (84%) of the interviewed HR specialists said no such cases were in their practice. But even they added that too strong a smell coming from a person could influence the decision to hire. 7% of the interviewed HRs found it challenging to answer and recalled individual candidates who smelled too much or "suffered from lack of hygiene" without much sympathy.

At the same time, only a quarter of those who took part in the survey (24%), according to Superjob, refuse perfume when going for a job interview. Two thirds (66%) use their usual scent, and only one in ten carefully selects a fragrance specifically for this occasion.

Which perfume to choose for a job interview

What kind of Acqua di Parma fragrance should you choose to increase your chances to succeed in an interview? Here are our pieces of advice:

Rule #1: The fragrance shouldn't be annoying

The perfume should be barely audible. Don't choose scents with a long sillage and a tart, sweet scent. Say no straight away to all chypre, oriental and gourmet fragrances. The best option for an interview can be the citrus, watery, woody aroma. Keep in mind that an interview is stressful, and the scent can open up more intensively due to the rush of blood to the skin.

Apply the perfume two hours before the interview; then, the aroma will not be too intense during the interview.

Rule #2: You must like this smell

The most important thing is that you can concentrate during the interview and are not distracted. Your favourite fragrance can bring good luck. And there is an explanation for this success – the atmosphere in which your body feels accustomed.

Rule #3: Consider the "context"

Consider what position you are applying for. Perfume, like any wardrobe detail, can sometimes tell more about you than you would like. Remember that no perfume is better than an inappropriate one.

These are the main rules to keep in mind when choosing the aroma for a job interview. You can select the most appropriate fragrance and cosmetics for this occasion in the makeup online store.

Picture Credit: Pixabay
Picture Credit: Pixabay

Choosing a perfume according to the season

The choice of perfume for an interview and office work depends on the time of year. Remember that aromas change depending on heat and cold.

In hot weather, strong spicy and sweet notes of perfume can intensify. Cheap aromas are stratified, and the "alcohol base" is felt forcefully. An unsuccessful choice can cause allergies and suffocation not only among others but also among you, especially if you spend a long time in a poorly ventilated room. Therefore, summer perfumes should be light: less persistent citrus and fresh aromas will do.

Winter perfumes, on the contrary, should be tender, sweet, tasty, spicy, and create a "soft, warm featherbed of aroma" around you. Chypre and oriental perfumes are suitable.

Remember that an appropriately chosen fragrance can increase your chances to get the job of your dream.

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