The research revealed that a significant 39% have had their opinion of someone ruined because of a bad-tasting smooch. There's nothing worse than finally locking lips with your dashing date in a frenzy of heightened desire, only to be met with the taste of stale breath, ghastly garlic, or the wretched wrath of halitosis.

A survey by Dentyl Active reveals the dating habits of Brits

A survey by Dentyl Active reveals the dating habits of Brits

It also uncovered that a massive 89% of people asked, worry about their breath and 38% see offensive breath as one of their top three dating turn offs, amongst a bad sense of humour and smelly armpits.

The sad truth is, many of us sassy singletons only worry about the freshness of our breath until it's pitifully too late.

Dating expert and a Dentyl Active mouthwash user, Jo Barnett points out "The last thing you want when you are charming a potential date is bad breath. It is a real date no no and can knock your confidence, but it is surprisingly common. Stop any unwanted bad breath, by ensuring you brush your teeth twice daily and always rinse with an alcohol free mouthwash, like Dentyl Active. By ensuring you are prepared by avoiding the right foods, having fresh breath and by looking your best, you will feel more confident, more yourself and ready for a successful date, with someone who could turn out to be your perfect match."

Dating habits revealed in the survey showed that 76% of people would be put off a potential partner if their friends didn't like them, 43% said they would rather meet someone through a friend compared to a party (20%) online (11%) or at work (21%).

Also, 58% said they wouldn't want to date someone who had more than twenty intimate partners. A surprising 75% believed that love at first could exist. 76% would describe themselves as fussy about a potential partner and 21% would tell a date they didn't fancy them over text or email.

A quarter of people surveyed said they would only introduce a date to parents after 2 or 3 months. Men are as just as vain as women as the results showed 30% of men and 39% of women would spend between 11 and 20 minutes doing their hair before a date.

So what do we look for in a potential other half? 44% of the survey respondents felt that the way your partner treats you is more important than looks and wealth.

The data poll also revealed that chivalry, even if it feels dead, is still alive and kicking. Only 8% of males would expect their date to pay on a first date. Although, 50% of women believe they should split the bill on a first date.

It would appear that dating rules have been dumped too. 52% of women and 34% of men don't believe in dating rules when it comes to being intimate, it just depends when it feels right. Although, 25% of men think it depends what you're looking for.

Dating expert Jo Barnett adds "The perfect date is a seductive combination of chemistry, romantic surroundings, passion and a minty-fresh mouth void of embarrassing smells, so a good dental hygiene ritual is essential."

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