BRITAIN is a nation of procrastinators, with the average person spending 11 hours a week or a whopping 24 days a year putting things off.

Is your family safe?

Is your family safe?

Top of the list of things to delay is financial planning, followed by exercising, chores around the house and dieting.

The survey reveals that the average parent can go just 1,078 days without their spouse's income, yet less than one in two households have life insurance.

In a bid to encourage people to protect their loved ones, online life insurance provider has teamed up with consumer champion Jasmine Birtles to call for today to be Life Insurance Day.

Why today? Well because today marks the anniversary of the first ever life insurance policy in the UK, taken out on the life of William Gybbon on 18 June 1583.

Consumer champion Jasmine Birtles commented: "Procrastinating is a normal human failure but we Brits seem to have turned it into an art form! Still, planning your financial future doesn't have to be a huge and terrible task. Now that companies like Beagle Street have made it quick and easy to choose the best value life insurance for your needs, you can protect your family in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea! And now that there's a national 'Life Insurance Day' there's no excuse not to get this all-important task sorted today."

Want to know more? Then watch comedian Andy Smart talk about Life Insurance Day.

Stop procrastinating and start protecting your loved ones today.

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