Lorraine Galvin is the latest characters to be uncovered by Universal Channel after Amir Miah, a social entrepreneur who has changed lives by giving young people training and employment opportunities through his project 'Your Bike'.

This is a sponsored advertorial for Universal Channel

This is a sponsored advertorial for Universal Channel

When Lorraine was 16, she and 4 other people found themselves struggling for survival when their boat capsized. They waited for nearly 3 hours for someone to come to their rescue. After this unfortunate event, Lorraine struggled with the thought of her own mortality but instead of being afraid of the water, she used her experience as a motivator to do good and help others.

When she saw an advert for a new lifeboat service, she realized that this is her calling. To be at the helm, saving people, trying to make a difference for people who needs the same help that she needed that day. She decided that her near death experience was something she would own and take control of.

Despite going through a traumatic experience, Lorraine decided that the best way to move forward is see what you can for the positive. As a woman, a mother, RNLI volunteer and life saviour, she is an inspiration, a 100% character.

If you'd like to learn more about her, you can head here. If you wish to discover the other uncovered characters you can visit Universal Channel's website here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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