There have been a lot of words used to describe the man that allegedly brutally murdered Labour MP Jo Cox yesterday (June 16), but one that much of the mass media is ignoring is the very same word they'd quickly slap on a Muslim if they were to carry out the same act. Terrorist.

Jo Cox / Credit: Twitter @Jo_Cox1

Jo Cox / Credit: Twitter @Jo_Cox1

We won't be posting the man's name or picture as much of the media is doing. It glorifies what he allegedly did and inspires others to carry out similar acts. Nor will we be calling him a 'crazed loner' or something of the like. The man who murdered Jo Cox is a terrorist, plain and simple.

If indeed this man murdered Jo Cox whilst shouting 'Britain first' as was reportedly heard by an eyewitness, this was a political assassination and an act of terrorism inspired by a hatred of minorities, and fuelled by groups such as the one being linked (but furiously denying any involvement) in the murder.

Leader of the group Paul Golding explained in a video statement: "She [Jo Cox] has been out campaigning to keep Britain in the EU and there are people in the area that are against it.

"I don't think it was one of our supporters. We stand in elections and organise protests - we don't encourage this kind of nonsense. She has a young family - an attack on a mum like that is disgraceful.

"Whether you agree with Labour, to have had that happen to her on the streets is shocking and an indictment of the state of this country."

A statement was also issued, suggesting that if 'Britain First' was shouted by the attacker, the phrase "could have been a slogan rather than a reference to our party."

Despite Golding denying the group are violent, after being followed for a BBC Three documentary in the past, bodyguards for the Britain First group were caught on camera threatening to 'remove the jaw' of a man whose dog was barking during an interview, and also threatened to smash the camera of the BBC Three journalist for filming the group, despite being free to do so in a public area.

What is interesting is how some members of the Britain First group are saying the act of one terrorist does not represent the entirety of Britain First, despite a potential link. Those very same members however will villainise the entire Muslim community if one radicalised member carries out a terror attack.

Still in the world today there exists an incredible amount of double standards. A man without white skin who shoots somebody or a group of people dead is instantly deemed a terrorist. A white man who does the same is 'crazy', or a 'loner'. Why are we so afraid to label them in the same way? It's degrading to those who do have mental illnesses or may live without friends and family. Those who want help or seek companionship of others without carrying out such atrocities.

I and everybody at Female First would like to extend our condolences to everybody affected by the tragic attack. May Jo Cox rest in peace.

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