Today (May 10th, 2021) marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, with the specific theme of this year’s campaign being ‘nature’. In a time when we’ve been out walking more than ever before due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s a solid choice!

Contact with the natural world is something that many claim has a positive effect on the mental health of those engaging with it; getting out and becoming one with the environment around us is a great way to clear the mind and reset.

Of course, the impact is different for everybody and it’s not going to be the single answer to the issues that every individual is facing. For others, just having a conversation about mental health can make all the difference.

If you are struggling, the NHS are offering a free, personalised mental health action plan with practical tips to help boost your mood, via their #EveryMindMatters campaign.

All you have to do is click the link in the tweet below, take the quiz and follow the instructions:

So this week, we’re encouraging everybody to take some space and time for themselves to get out and enjoy what the world has to offer us. Feel the breeze in your face and listen to the sounds of the birds chirping and the natural world going about their day.

If you live close to woodland and you’ve got some clothes fit for walking, explore! Go to a place you’ve never been to before and discover unique and serene settings that could become a favourite place to visit whenever you need some time to decompress.

For those of us who don’t feel like we can make that step to go out and be within that sort of space, there are a wealth of other opportunities to enjoy what nature has to offer.

If it comes to it, you can always go on YouTube or ask your virtual assistant to play sounds that relax from the outdoors. There’s always a way you can connect; so reach out and take that opportunity to enjoy a peaceful 30 minutes.

Finally, we've got an interactive tool from Mental Health First Aid England, who worked with BBC News to develop some mental health first aid exercises. Click the link in the tweet below to check it out:

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