With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, many people are beginning to reflect on the past year, taking it all in and reminiscing about the events that took place.

Do you use technology to store memories?

Do you use technology to store memories?

Now some new research revealed by Memeoirs (memeoirs.com) shows that half of Brits are keeping old phones as photo albums, with well over a third of Brits reviewing digital memories stored on their phones at least once every 12 months.

More than two fifths (43%) of those questioned also do the same with their Facebook messages, trawling through them to see what good and bad conversations they had with friends and family.

It was found that the most social media content was generated from holidays, weddings and pets with women outposting men in every single category.

Almost a third (28%) of women would use their social media accounts to post about going on holiday, compared to just under a fifth of men (19%) doing the same.

One of the founders of Memeoirs, Fred Rocha commented: "The rise of digital media means that most Brits are now storing their precious memories in their email archives, on Facebook, WhatsApp - across a wide range of platforms and devices, in fact. But it's clear that UK adults still prize physical remembrances of the past like photo albums, letters, scrapbooks and diaries, too. We started Memeoirs because we wanted to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical; our platform allows anybody to turn their most prized emails, Facebook messages, and WhatsApp conversations into beautiful printed books. It's clear that Brits don't just love documenting and revisiting their personal stories - it's something they need to do as well."

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