The best personal style advisor on the side

The best personal style advisor on the side

The research by a money saving website shows that 48 per cent of mothers seek assurances from their daughters on how to avoid looking unflattering in the new clothes. The website polled mothers who have at least one daughter of 16 or over. The biggest worries for mums are the ones like buying a dress that could be too short, or a low-cut top that they consider a little too ‘young’ for them. If the daughter doesn't approve, the mother won't buy it, the survey showed.

Matthew Wood of, which carried out the research, said to the "It seems that many women take the lead in the fashion stakes from their daughters. The results suggest that mothers are also likely to trust their daughters to be honest with their opinion."

He added: "It's probably the case that asking 'Does my bum look big in this?' of your daughter will result in a truthful answer, rather than the one you might prefer to hear."

Other figures from the poll of 1,452 mothers found two thirds of mothers believed they are "fashion conscious", while almost two thirds said they asked for their daughter's opinion when buying new clothes or accessories.

Of those mothers seeking a seal of approval from their daughters, a fifth admitted that buying the 'wrong' clothes in the past had caused arguments after the offspring didn't like what her mum wore. A third also said they wanted to make sure they didn't end up buying the same clothes as their daughter.


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