NHS workers continue to show their anger over their pay as they walk for four hours today.

NHS Staff Strike Again Over Pay

NHS Staff Strike Again Over Pay

Hundreds of nurses, midwives, and ambulance staff walked out at 7am and joined picket lines for the second time in just two months.

Staff also walked out back in October over a dispute with the government about the lack of a pay increase.

It was announced earlier this year that the government had taken a controversial decision not to accept the recommended 1% pay rise for all NHS staff.

Now members of eleven unions have walked out as and the Union is calling for the pay rise to be paid to all NHS staff in England immediately.

The rise has already been paid to staff in Scotland, while Northern Ireland is yet to make a decision on the pay increase. Earlier this month trade unions in Wales accepted a two-year pay deal set out by the government.

Unison leader Dave Prentis says that the scale of the strike should be a cause of real concern for the government and that anger is only set to grown if NHS staff are not treated fairly.

He said: The fact almost all health unions are taking part in the industrial action should ring alarm bells in Whitehall.

"The anger is spreading and so is the public support for health workers' cause. The strength of feeling is far from fading and the dispute far from going away.

"All the government has done so far is threaten workers with job cuts. If the secretary of state seriously thinks staff are the NHS's best asset then he needs to treat them fairly.

"We are only asking for decent pay for the hard-working people the government say they care so much about."

The news that not all NHS staff will receive a 1% pay rise comes after it was revealed that politicians are set to get an 11% pay rise.

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